Nicolas Blais


Welcome to my website! I’m Nicolas, a passionate designer specialising in creating innovative digital experiences.
My diverse journey, ranging from web design to UX/UI, reflects my commitment to creativity and delivering an exceptional user experience. Explore my portfolio to see how I transform ideas into captivating designs.

Nicolas Blais

I’m Blais Nicolas, a designer with 15 years of exciting experience. Currently at Green Brothers Holding SA, I shape Brand Design and web design for various brands. Collaborations with giants like Louis Vuitton and Prada showcase my expertise in UX/UI design and my continual pursuit of innovation. As an Artistic Director at Veepee, I’ve contributed to memorable campaigns. My journey at La Fabrik agency has shaped my vision for excellence in crafting digital experiences.

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Creating ideas and building
brands that truly matter to people.

From concept to reality, I’m here to bring your projects to life. Let’s talk—contact me now.