Character Modeling for Oasis x KFC Campaign

As a key 3D modeler for the Oasis x KFC campaign, I led the creation of characters, seamlessly integrating the Oasis aesthetic into the visual universe of KFC. My role involved artistic adaptation, precise modeling, and crafting expressions that reflected the synergy between the two brands. My contribution brought to life memorable characters, enhancing the Oasis x KFC advertising campaign.

“King of Urban Jungle” Photomontages

In this striking series for “King of Urban Jungle,” I seamlessly blended the jungle with the asphalt, crowning wild animals as the kings of skateboarding. From lions grinding rails to monkeys mastering tricks, each visual pulsates with a unique energy. These photomontages embody the fearless adventure of skaters conquering the urban jungle.

Print Photomontage for UPSA Laboratory

In my role as a visual creator, I designed a striking print photomontage for UPSA Laboratory. The project involved seamlessly integrating the UPSA brand aesthetic into a compelling visual narrative. Through meticulous attention to detail and creative adaptation, I crafted a captivating visual piece tailored for print. This contribution enhances UPSA’s visual presence and communicates their brand message effectively.

Veepee Travel Service Photomontages

Embark on a visual journey with my dynamic photomontage series for Veepee’s Travel Service. Scenes of travel seamlessly blend with everyday life, creating a captivating narrative. Each image captures the spirit of adventure, highlighting the transformative magic of travel through Veepee’s distinctive service.

Visual Enhancement for SodaStream

Experience a fresh perspective with my personal touch on an image for SodaStream. I’ve highlighted each detail to reflect the brand’s unique innovation and freshness. One image, an enhanced visual experience, showcasing the distinctive quality of SodaStream.

Elevated Web Visuals for Alpinium CBD – Sports Products

Immerse yourself in a visually enhanced web experience with my product showcases for Alpinium CBD’s sports line. Each web visual is meticulously crafted to elevate the presentation of their products tailored for athletes. Through vibrant details and dynamic composition, these visuals not only spotlight the excellence of Alpinium CBD but also create a compelling online narrative tailored for sports enthusiasts.

Playful Visual Enhancement for Magic Farmers CBD

Dive into the whimsical with my creative spin on an image for Magic Farmers CBD. I’ve infused eccentricity into every detail, capturing the brand’s playful spirit. In a single image, experience an elevated visual journey that reflects the distinctive and vibrant essence of Magic Farmers CBD.

Elevated Visual Appeal for TARA JARMON

Experience a refined visual upgrade with my touch on an image for TARA JARMON. Each detail has been carefully enhanced to embody the brand’s sophistication and allure. In a single glance, this image now resonates with the distinctive elegance and style synonymous with TARA JARMON.

Visual Enhancement for Michel Herbelain

Immerse yourself in timeless elegance with my visual refinements on two print visuals for the watch brand Michel Herbelain. Each detail has been meticulously optimized to showcase the finesse and exceptional craftsmanship of these timepieces. These images capture the essence of horological luxury, reflecting Michel Herbelain’s distinguished sophistication in a single glance.

3D Illusion for Mobilito – 2D Visual

Embark on a visually intriguing journey with my creation for Mobilito: a fully 2D visual that seamlessly crafts a perfect 3D illusion. Every detail has been meticulously designed to bring forth a striking visual depth. This image captures visual ingenuity, showcasing Mobilito’s ability to transcend the boundaries of traditional perception.

CBD Actu magazine.

Post-production work for the cover of CBD Actu magazine.