Fred Perry X Art Come First

  • Project : Art come First

    The web design collaboration between Fred Perry and "Art Comes First" is an exploration of timeless style and artistic expression. The design aims to create an online space that reflects the fusion of Fred Perry's iconic fashion legacy and the avant-garde sensibilities of "Art Comes First."

  • Agency / Fred & Farid


  • Project : celebrate airiness

    The web design project for IKKS, a prominent fashion brand, is centered on crafting an online platform that captures the essence of the brand's contemporary and stylish clothing lines. The design embodies a modern and chic aesthetic, offering users an immersive and visually compelling digital experience.

  • Agency / IKKS


  • Project : Kickers Webdesign

    The web design project for Kickers, a renowned shoe brand, focuses on creating an online platform that mirrors the brand's legacy of stylish and durable footwear.

  • Agency / Royer


  • Project : TRYCOME webdesign

    The web design project for TRYCOME, a luxury brand offering cannabis-infused products, aims to create a sophisticated and captivating online presence that aligns with the brand's commitment to premium quality.

  • Agency / Green Brothers

Swiss Cannabis Pharma

  • Project : Swiss Cannabis Pharma

    The web design project for Swiss Cannabis Pharma aims to establish a modern and user-friendly online presence that reflects the company's mission and values in the medical cannabis sector.

  • Agency / Green Brothers


  • Project : Caterpillar webdesign

    The web design project for Caterpillar, a renowned footwear brand, revolves around creating an online presence that reflects the brand's commitment to rugged durability and contemporary style. The design emphasizes an industrial and robust aesthetic, providing users with an engaging and visually compelling digital experience.

  • Agency / Royer

NU3 Web Design

  • Project : NU3 Web Design

    Explore my vision for NU3's web design. A simple yet impactful approach, where each element is thoughtfully crafted to reflect the brand's modernity. Dive into an intuitive design that highlights the essentials, providing visitors with a seamless and visually appealing online experience.

Ungaria Clothing Brand Web Desig

  • Project : web design of Ungaria

    Delve into my creative vision for the web design of Ungaria, a clothing brand. A minimalist yet striking approach defines the online space, capturing the brand's essence. Navigate through an intuitively designed platform that seamlessly blends style and functionality, offering users an engaging and visually pleasing experience.

  • Agency / Royer